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BFC Family Values: 03 A Missional Church
Coleman Collins, 19/05/2019
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Neil Gatland, 12/05/2019
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Craig Gale, 05/05/2019
BFC Family Values: 01 Knowing our Foundations
Craig Gale, 28/04/2019

Values of BFC

Over the next few months, I want to consider some of the values of this church and present them again to you.  I want to do this because values only have power when lived out.  To be a radical church family is about being different and creating a different kind of community – something that is impossible to do if our values match exactly with the world around us.  Values answer the question – what kind of church do we want to be?  And if we don’t dictate our values, circumstances will.  So as I briefly describe each of them, ask yourself the simple question; how much does my behaviour match this belief?  We will never get things perfect but I for one want to be moving forward at the right pace and in the right direction. 

Value #1 - We want to be a Missional Church

We believe that mission isn’t for the select group at select times, but for all of us at all times.  And by mission, we mean the full expression of what Jesus came to do; saving the lost, bringing healing and restoring value to all areas of life e.g. work, families, communities.  Ultimately mission is about announcing God’s gospel and advancing His kingdom on earth. 

It is easy to slip into the assumption that the church is merely a pastoral community.  This is wrong, although pastoring is of course an essential part of the church.  The church presented in Acts is primarily a body of believers on a mission, devoted to reaching the lost at any cost.  So rather than having missionary agencies and ‘missionary Christians’ doing the work; God’s intention is that the Church itself would be a mission agency with everyone living the life of a ‘missionary’ in their communities, schools, workplaces and homes. 

Therefore BFC will always be more concerned with winning people to Christ than it is about the comfort of its members.  It isn’t that we don’t care for each other but rather we are willing to prioritise the world’s eternal need for Christ above our often temporary needs.   Ironically missional churches actually end up better at pastoring because the mission draws them closer together and God chooses to bless those who obey His Great Commission (Matt 28). 

Ultimately we are a missional people because we have a missional God.  He did not leave us in our fallen state; rather He Himself went on a rescue mission at total cost to Himself.  As the body of Christ, we are here to continue that mission to reach those far from God and we can do that in all situations and with all people. 



Ben Martin, 10/06/2013

Sunday Celebration
10:00am Sunday 26 May, Billingshurst Community Centre
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7:30pm Friday 31 May,
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10:00am Sunday 2 June, Billingshurst Community Centre
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10:00am Monday 3 June, Billingshurst Centre