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Values of BFC

After a bit of a gap, I am returning to my blog series where I share and consider  the key values of BFC. 

Value #3 - We want to be a Jesus-centred church

This one may sound like a given but in reality, merely calling ourselves a church doesn’t necessarily mean that Christ is central.  It is so easy for churches to subconsciously shift their centre of gravity onto something else. 

Here are some of those things that churches can gravitate around…

Tradition.  Some traditions are good.  It is good to worship God, it’s good to read the Bible and pray with your family.  But bad traditions are when we replace relationship with ritual; we do something because we have always done so without knowing how it fits within our relationship with God.  Some things we do have had their season in God and are no longer bearing fruit and some were never really about God in the first place.  We stay Jesus-centred by ensuring that all our traditions add to our relationship with Him rather than distract or detract from it. 

A leader.
 Some churches revolve around one person and their ministry.  In 1 Corinthians 1, we see the Corinth church doing this as some chose to follow Paul or Peter or Apollos (some even chose ‘I follow Christ’ which I think is code for ‘I serve myself and am my own boss’).  When this happens, the members look to please the pastor not God, they gauge their value by PPT (personal pastor time) and the sermons are thoughts from the pastor not truths from the Word of God.  At BFC, we want our leaders to be respected but only as under-shepherds under the Good Shepherd.  The success of a leader is only in their ability to point to our true Leader. 

.  Are church decisions based on the unchanging words of Christ or the shifting sands of culture?  And when we consider this, it’s easy to jump on modern issues like gay marriage or women bishops and point the finger at others.  Instead we should look at our own lives and see where culture has compromised Scriptural principles e.g. Sabbath rest, sacrificial giving, our attitude to debt, family relationships.   Jesus-centred churches live by His words and not by the world’s.  I want BFC to be relevant to the culture and fully engaged in it but without giving in to it. 

Spiritual experiences.
  If your idea of church is spiritual experience centred, then you are constantly craving a moment with the Holy Spirit without ever seeking the fruits or gifts of the Spirit.  Don’t get me wrong, moments of spiritual intimacy are wonderful and I want to them to grow and deepen.  But church shouldn’t be a bubble of joy in otherwise unjoyful secular lives.  I don’t just want to be with Jesus – I want to become like Him.  God’s kingdom isn’t about nice feelings for the church but transformation of the culture.

  This is the biggest one.  This is where church revolves around my felt needs, my rights and what I want to get out of church.  This is where we only attend only when convenient and we never serve because that is never convenient.   Me-centred Christians complain about the style of worship, the lack of ministries, the preachers’ performance and even the choice of coffee because it didn’t serve me specifically enough.  And I would say that more churches close because of this one that all the others - more churches go astray because the members dragged the centre of focus and attention towards themselves rather than keeping it on Christ. 

Rather let’s build a church where Christ is central.  As with all values, the leadership can only do so much to set the centre and maintain the right church culture.  Values may be spoken most by the leaders but to make them real, we all need to act.  We all need to check our opinion of what church really is and what is it there to do – Church is the body of Christ, on earth to preach His gospel, demonstrate His love and extend His kingdom.  Let Christ have the supremacy in our church. 


Ben Martin, 20/11/2013

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