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Dear All,

Welcome to our latest Connect magazine.
As the name suggests, we publish this newsletter to help all members, regular and guests to better connect with the church family and vision.  The intention is that through this magazine along with weekly newsletters, our website, blogs, emails and Sunday notices, that every person will have every opportunity to be involved, to use their gifting, to grow in their faith and to fulfil their mission.
At the end of this month, BFC will be launching into definitely the longest and potentially the most significant and impacting sermon series that we have ever tackled together.   On 29th April, we will begin our journey through the gospel of Luke and so begin a journey through narratives, parables, miracles, discipleship and teaching.  We will meet the perfect Jesus and see Him work through or in spite of imperfect people.  We will discover what following Jesus is really about; this is where I think the true significance and impact will come from.  Together we will find that being a disciple of Jesus demands much more and yet offers so much more than we ever believed.   
My prayer is that everyone of us will fully connect with this series – as we Meet The Man who changed everything forever,

With love,

Download a PDF version of Connect Spring 2014

Ben Martin, 22/05/2014

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10:00am Sunday 26 May, Billingshurst Community Centre
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7:30pm Friday 31 May,
Sunday Celebration
10:00am Sunday 2 June, Billingshurst Community Centre
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10:00am Monday 3 June, Billingshurst Centre