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B.F.C.F.C.!  Simon's match report

In my role as Billingshurst Under 7's coach I occasionally get forwarded emails from The Football Association of schemes they are running to support grassroots football.  One of these initiatives is the called 'Reds v Blues'; a way of encouraging people of all ages and abilities to get involved in playing football.  
So having a local football interest within both the Billingshurst Under 7's and BFC Men's Football social, I came up with the idea of Billingshurst FC Under 7's dad's (Reds) v BFC Men's Football social (Blues).  A couple of our church kids play for the Under 7's and another trains with Purely Sport which effective acts a as feeder in to Billingshurst Youth Football Club.  So as well as interacting with the wider football community it allowed some of the Church men to support 3 of the Church boys in an activity they do external to Church and Sunday mornings.
On Saturday 8th June following the usual under 7's training session Billingshurst Family Church men (comprising men from the Church and some guests who have joined us for the football social) played against Billingshurst Under 7's dads.  Elliott decided he wanted to referee the game.  While the first half was exclusively Church v Dads, the boy were keen to get involved so we split them up between red and blues for the second half, and the game finished fair and square 1-1.
I have had some great feedback from Under 7's players, parents and our Church players.  One of the dad's expressed an interest in joining us at our men's football social, which I had advertised to them prior to this event, so this is great news.
I want to express my thanks to all the men who took part in representing the Billingshurst Family Church men's football social in this event which I hope  has shown the value of occasionally taking our football outside of Tuesday evenings to the wider community when the opportunities arise.

And if anyone wants to get involved - then do come along to the social every Tuesday evenings, Station Road Gardens, 19:30-21:00ish. It's aimed to be more social than skilled; we end each evening with some beers!  The goal is to have fun and to show to the wider community that we are more than just Sunday mornings and that we embrace through football an activity that brings Christians and non- Christians together.  It also allows the opportunity to invite friends to other church events.   

The aim of men's football social is to be for all men, irrespective of football ability and experience.  So I encourage all Church men to at least come and give it a go once to see if it is something they are interested in.

SImon Harding, 12/06/2014

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