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Westpoint 2014 Event Talks

Well hello there, anyone remember Westpoint? It wasn't too long ago. All the main talks and seminars are now available online.

Visit to listen online.

Alternatively you can find them in iTunes

You can also view the daily videos below, see if you can spot any BFC folk! - If you have very keen eyes I think you may actually be able to spot Martha from The Great British Bake Off in one of the videos too!

Keep an eye on the Westpoint Facebook page for more updates

If anyone would like a download of all the talks on USB or any of them on CD please contact Chris Doney.

Westpoint 2014 Day 1

Westpoint 2014 Day 2

Westpoint 2014 Day 3

Westpoint 2014 Day 4

Chris Doney, 10/09/2014

7:30pm Friday 18 January, URC Hall
Sunday Celebration
10:00am Sunday 20 January, BFC
Alpha Course starts...
Monday 21 January, Various
7:30pm Friday 25 January, URC Hall