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Song of the week w/C 22-09-2014

We are trying something new here, we will be featuring a new song on the website that we plan to start singing in church. This is the area where you can come to have a listen, download words & chords and get a feel for the new and emerging music we plan to include in our worship time.

Passion - Let it be Jesus feat. Christy Nockels

Please find the words and chords below:
Download the words & chords here

 (Capo 1)

Verse 1:
          [C]   [G]
Let it be Jesus
     [Em]               [D]
The first name that I call
          [C]   [G]
Let it be Jesus         
    [Em]              [D]
My song inside the storm
     [Am]                  [C]
I'll never need another

    [G]       [D]      [C]
For me, to live is Christ
    [G]       [D]      [C]
For me, to live is Christ
       [G]            [D]          [C]
God I breathe Your name above everything
       [G]          [D]   [C]
Let it be, Let it be Jesus

Verse 2:
          [C]   [G]
Let it be Jesus
         [Em]            [D]
From the rising of the sun
          [C]   [G]
Let it be Jesus
     [Em]              [D]
When all is said and done
     [Am]                  [C]
I'll never need another, Jesus there's no other

Should I ever be abandoned
Should I ever be acclaimed
         [D]                         [Em]
Should I ever be surrounded by the fire and the flame
There's a name I will remember
There's a name I will proclaim
       [G]          [D]  [C]
Let it be, Let it be Jesus (x3)

Download the words & chords here

Please let us know if you find an new songs you think should be considered.

Chris Doney, 21/09/2014

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