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Connect Autumn 2014

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Dear All,

Welcome to our latest Connect magazine and welcome back after the summer break.  August often feels like a Sabbath month where we get to reflect and recuperate; so I pray you all had a good summer and return rested and excited about this new season.
Having said that, this summer was by no means a quiet time for the church; God has been doing some amazing work amongst us as well.
We have been blessed through our Life Verses sermon series where we invited 10 different BFC members share a verse that has transformed their life.  Well done to all those who stepped up and served us wonderfully; it was so good to hear the normally ‘unheard’ voices so let’s all keep speaking up and keep being heard!
And our young people enjoyed another significant week at Newday – 11 youth and 10 adult servers from BFC joined 6 500 other youth for big worship, healing, salvations and mission on the streets of Norwich.   
And so many of us were encouraged by the teaching, worship and fellowship at the Westpoint conference in Exeter.  To feel part of a greater work like Commission is a huge inspiration and reminds us that God isn’t limited to blessing ourselves, our families or even just this church. God is about a worldwide mission and we can be an integral and important part of that.  Make sure you don’t miss that encouragement yourself – get booked in for 2015!   
As we enter this new season, our church is going to face some big challenges.  With Jon and Sam leaving in January to lead a new work in Midhurst, as well as Peter and Paul stepping down from the leadership team to give space for new leaders; this will be a time of transition and new (and sometimes scary) things.
But as we face these changes, we do so with great faith that comes from three great truths…

1, God is still in control.  This is His church that He has promised to build.  And when we give away our best, Jesus promises in Acts 20:35) that the blessing will always be greater for the generous than the stingy.  Giving Jon and Sam to a new work will cost the church but we trust in a greater blessing as others step up and build on the sure foundations they laid.   

2, God is still on mission.  God has been speaking to us about big plans for the autumn including community events (like the Quiz Night 4th Oct / Ladies evening 22nd Nov) that will led to a more gospel-centred Christmas (5 ‘events’ over 6 weeks to get more of our friends and family into church) and leading up to a big Alpha launch in January.  We are also re-vamping our Sunday morning guest experience with the goal that more guests will quickly connect to the family and the vision.  And we have Craig and Nick start their Commission leadership training this month joining the many other younger leaders coming through our ranks.

3, We are still a family together.  Family life is full of changes e.g. my Joshua starting school this term and others have ‘children’ leaving home – but we don’t lost our identity with those changes.  In fact, we draw closer and deeper together through the changes.  And as a family, it was great to fellowship together through the week of prayer because prayer reminds us who God is, who we are and what we have been brought together to do.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 2052

To finish, let me share a picture came out of that week of prayer – about a squadron of fighter jets waiting on the runway, fully fuelled and prepared for the mission.  God says that it’s now time to take off.  There were no ground crew in the picture because all are called to engage.  We fly together, fight together and take ground together.  Though we may not know exactly what’s in store and though we know it won’t be easy, we do know our place in the formation and our only real concern is serve and please Jesus, our Commanding Officer.

With love, Ben

Please download the complete Connect magazine here
Download Connect Autumn 2014

Chris Doney, 07/10/2014

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