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Connect Spring 2015

What a busy few months since my last Connect magazine update - so much to be grateful for and so much to be excited about:

Grateful for:

Our Christmas events. Sam, Tom and their team grabbed hold of the vision – to make the gospel as accessible as possible to as many as possible – and wonderfully made that a reality. We saw around 70 guests at our two carol services and many coming on Christmas Day to worship and then enjoy the first ever BFC Christmas lunch. It was great to see so many of you coming with family and friends to celebrate the best parts of the season.
A great send-off for Jon and Sam. On 11th January, we worshipped, ate together and then remembered with a ‘This is your BFC life’ – 13 years of faithful and dedicated service and fruit. As Jon and I shared on the day, there is sadness with these moments but there is also excitement for their next chapter in Midhurst (services begin 8th March) and gratitude to God for the fellowship He gave us.
Our new Alpha launch. We launched with a great number of guests. To make the gospel as accessible as possible we are offering different options of times throughout the week. This is only possible if we have enough helpers and leaders willing to be trained, available and then to used or not. This takes commitment and a lot of humility so I am so grateful to have more than enough willing helpers for this. Follow along with the Alpha talks on the blog.

Excited about:

Leadership Changes. In the September newsletter, I shared Pete’s picture about fighter jets ready to fly but little did I expect one particular outworking of that! In November, Pete and Helen shared about God speaking to them about being part of a new church plant in Newbury so they will be leaving sometime summer 2015. Though we will really miss them, it’s exciting to be part of new things. BFC isn’t one church, it is one part of a great movement of God across the nation and around the nations and we share in that joy when we get to send our family into new areas.

With these new churches being started in Midhurst and Newbury, it also makes room for new leaders to arise in BFC. So much of 2015 will be about recognising potential and releasing men and women into new positions of leadership. Both exciting and scary for all concerned so please pray into these changes.

Alpha. You can never predict how evangelism will go because it is about real people and it is a process not a performance. But what excites me most is what it has done in us. Alpha has stirred so many of us to step up and give evangelism a go. It’s this that excites me most – to see Christians nervously but expectedly speaking to their friends, family, neighbours and colleagues about what is most important to them. I am excited when Christians lay aside embarrassment and begin to talk about Jesus outside Sunday services, when they truly become witnesses of Jesus to a village and a world that really needs to hear.
And I am excited to see what God will do with a bunch of Christians who think like that. It will be hard and scary at times, but it will also be huge fun and it will bear fruit – God’s promise not mine. So as one body, let’s be thankful for all we have seen and excited about what we have yet to see. Follow along with the Alpha talks on the blog.

With love, Ben

Download Connect Spring 2015 here (PDF).

Chris Doney, 23/02/2015

Sunday Celebration
10:00am Sunday 26 May, Billingshurst Community Centre
Ignite (friday)
7:30pm Friday 31 May,
Sunday Celebration
10:00am Sunday 2 June, Billingshurst Community Centre
Rainbow Toddlers
10:00am Monday 3 June, Billingshurst Centre