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God does not make mistakes

Some of you may have read this in the Connect magazine, I was initially asked to write 200 words... I wrote 1300, Giulietta slimmed it down to what you read in the magazine.. Here is the full content if you are interested...

As many of you will know by now I received the news that I was to be made redundant at the end of April by my current company just before Christmas, I know great timing!
Initially I told a few of my close connections whom I knew would get straight to praying.
At the start of January my dad spotted a great looking job at a company very close to home as a Social Media Manager (something I have good experience in and have been doing for the church recently). I was fortunate enough to have my brothers around to help me tailor the application that day and applied that evening. The next day I received a call from the PR Director saying she liked my application and she wanted to meet with me! Again fortunately (or God’s plan) I was actually planning to drop in that afternoon and had laid out smart clothes ready, I threw them on and headed out. This meeting went well and I was asked back for a formal interview the following week. I prepared for this interview with the assistance of some people from my parent’s church and our very own salesman & confidence booster Julian. This interview also went very well & I was asked back in for a trial day where I achieved everything asked of me above and beyond their expectations. Everyone was praying really hard for a good answer at this point as it all seemed to be going so well and it appeared to be the perfect job. They seemed to really like me there also for some reason.
This is where things changed, they decided not to take me on… Even though I did everything well and they seemed to like me. Unfortunately I did not have the management & strategic experience they were looking for, they did tell me to keep in touch in case things changed though.
I will be honest here, I was pretty angry with God at this point! – What was he doing? Why did he let me get this far for it to all fall apart like this?
I told Bruce they didn’t take me, while he was praying God gave him a word of encouragement for me.
- God does not make mistakes –

Well maybe he doesn’t, I have to say at that point I felt he had…
Skip ahead a month or so and I had continued to look for other jobs and was starting to feel a bit stressed and bogged down by it all, I continued to pray about it as did many others. I was starting to get frustrated with God’s timing by this point, as was Natasha.
11th February – During my evening prayer I prayed a very psalmist style prayer in anger…
‘Why are you putting me through this God?’
‘What have I don’t to deserve this situation?’
‘This is not fair!’
– you know the sort of things… I was frustrated.

Then suddenly I felt at peace, I felt I was in a moment of truth, a connection, where I could ask God a question and get a straight answer…
 - ‘God when will I get a new job and where will it be?’ – Instantly I was given the date of 4th March 2015 and a confirmation that it would be at the company that initially turned me down.
I wasn’t sure if I had made this up or if it was a tangible word from God, I made a note of it and went to bed. I was still not sure about it though…
16th February – I received an email from the PR Director who interviewed me asking about my work situation, if I had found another job and when I finished at my current workplace. Suffice to say I was a little excited! God is answering my prayers! I replied with all the relevant info… Then nothing…
A week later… Still nothing… Really God? What are you doing?
I had the word Bruce has shared and the date of 4th March in the back of my mind but I was finding it hard to trust it meant anything.
I had started to loose hope in the original company I had applied for now & was applying for but not hearing back from a lot of other jobs. I was really feeling the pressure more now. What are you doing God?

Some time passed....
2nd March – I received an email out of the blue from the other person who interviewed me. ‘Fancy coming in to meet with me and the MD, we are restructuring and would like to talk to you about social media’
- Instantly I wanted to go in and meet with them, unfortunately I could not get the time from my current job, I could not go in the next day either. I had to arrange to go in on Wednesday morning.
4th March – I went in for a meeting, sat down with the MD and the Operations & HR Director. They told me about the changes they had made in the company, the new department they were looking to create, the growth they were looking to gain in this area and the changes to the initial job role that was advertised when I first applied.
Then they offered me the newly created role, it exactly fit my skill-set with the prospects of grown as well! On the 4th March 2015 – God is great & he really does deliver! God does not make mistakes! He even gave me the exact date.
They said the role in its original form would not have been good for the company or for me and this new role was what they needed, they had interview a number of other people but they just didn’t fit as I had on my trial day. They changed the role to fit my skills, they have confidence in my social media marketing experience and plan to mentor me and train me up in the management & strategic side on the job. I couldn’t have asked for more. They were also willing to wait until I finished my current role so I was able to claim the full severance pay.  If I had been offered the initial job the first time around I would have missed out on this. I signed the acceptance letter the same day.
I started my new job on Monday the 27th April and it is going great!
This whole situation has massively encouraged me and reminded me to trust in Gods provision. God does look out for those who love him, he does hear our prayers & he does have a plan for us. It just may not be in the timing we expect, but in the end his timing is perfect.. Keep on praying, God does not make mistakes!
-Chris Doney
Download the full Connect magazine here

Chris Doney, 08/05/2015

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