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Time to say Goodbye?


As a church, we have committed ourselves not just to our community but to seeing God’s kingdom grow across this nation and the nations.  We can do this with our finances e.g. providing Kenyan famine relief, giving to Commission, supporting church plants - and through your generosity we get to do that. 

But there is another aspect, a more costly side to this commitment.  Sometimes we need to send people who will plant new churches in new places.  Sometimes you have to give our most valuable resource – our members – and that is always costly and to be honest, painful.  Last Sunday was one of those moments as we prayed for Pete, Helen, Matthew and Hannah as they left BFC to join the newly planted, Bridge Church Newbury. 

So we hang onto the words of Jesus who said ‘It’s more blessed to give than receive’.  Even as we excited for this family, we are also expectant that God will bless our church family as we give of our best.  As we send a family who will bless that church, we also believe that in the economy of His kingdom, God will bless our church as well. 

As we say goodbye (or rather see you soon…see the message below), let’s do it with faith; faith for the new things God is going to do in and through the Carter family, and faith for the greater blessings to those churches who look beyond their needs and their community, the greater blessings that await those willing to give up their greatest treasures for the sake of God’s kingdom. 

Dear Friends,
We wanted to take a moment to thank each of you for the wonderful send off on Sunday. Our time at BFC has been wonderful and we know that God has even more exciting things in store for the great family that is BFC.
Thank you one and all for your love and support over the years, for the laughter, for the tears, for the fun of following Jesus together and making Him known to the community around us.
We were humbled and touched by the many kind words, by your prayers, and the generous gifts that were given, thank-you again…
As we move on this is not really a good-bye, but more of a see you soon, we’ll still be popping back from time to time and look forward to catching up with people at Westpoint and other Commission events/gatherings.
With much love to our dear BFC Family,
Pete, Helen, Hannah and Matthew.

-Ben Martin

Ben Martin, 15/07/2015

7:30pm Friday 18 January, URC Hall
Sunday Celebration
10:00am Sunday 20 January, BFC
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Monday 21 January, Various
7:30pm Friday 25 January, URC Hall