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Week of Prayer 2015

I always have a mix of emotions when we finish our week of prayer.  It begins with relief – relief that I can wake up properly rather than rushing out to a 6.30am prayer meeting.  More relief that we can have an evening off and not have late night sessions till 2 in the morning. 
But there is also a kind of sadness because I realise I won’t get to enjoy the same moments that these weeks bring.  When the church gathers as we did, there is a renewed fellowship, a renewed sense of purpose and destiny about what we are doing – and you get to end each day knowing that you have really done ‘business’ with God and achieved something beyond us and greater than us. Which is why it felt quite odd when we finally ended our final session together – a real mix of relief but a kind of longing for more. 
But of course, weeks of prayer aren’t meant to be an end in themselves.  They are meant to bring us back together after the (very pleasant but quite separate) summer holidays.  They are planned in to call us back to our vision – to be that radical church family that reaches our community and beyond.   They are designed to renew our corporate prayer life – reminding us that churches grow because God makes them grow and that people are saved and transformed by His power not our clever plans. 
So let that be our heart as we look forward.  Let’s be grateful for the times with God and each other that we have enjoyed but also let’s use those moments and those prayers as a foundation for new moments and greater prayers.  Let’s engage ourselves more with God’s plan for BFC – let’s make good on those promises we made and call God up on the promises He made.  And in line with the theme of our prayers, let's strive to be that devoted people…devoted to Him and His kingdom, devoted to His church and its activities and ministries, and devoted to those around us who never get to enjoy moments of fellowship, intimacy and joy like we experienced during our week of prayer together. 

Ben Martin, 22/09/2015

7:30pm Friday 18 January, URC Hall
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10:00am Sunday 20 January, BFC
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Monday 21 January, Various
7:30pm Friday 25 January, URC Hall