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Connect Magazine February 2016


Hi All,
Each January, the elders and wives from the UK Commission churches gather for two days in Bristol.  It’s a time of worship and a time to renew friendships and make new ones.  It is also a time where we get to hear vision about where Commission is heading. 
During that time together, Guy Miller (who heads the Commission team) spoke about our 2020 vision.  We are looking to see 100 churches in the UK over the next 5 years, along with 100 in India (they will achieve that very soon!) and 10 in Spain and Portugal.  These churches will come out of starting new church plants, restarting older churches with our vision and values, and multiplying congregations like Grace Church have done in Bognor and Midhurst.  With Commission UK having around 50 churches and congregations, essentially we need to double our numbers – each church needs to start one more. 
When I hear vision like this, part of me gets defensive: ‘haven’t we already given away so many people?’ and parochial: ‘doesn’t Guy see what still needs to be done here?’.  That part of me wants to ignore vision like that and keep my focus here, but then the better part of me gets to speak.  That part reminds me that God’s heart is not just for my community but for every community; His heart to see the nations coming to Him, His passion to see disciples in every town, village and city.  And that part of me accepts that the best way to see people saved, the poor served and communities transformed is to plant a New Testament modelled church.  I am resolved that this part of me will win the debate. 
So as a church, we are going to get behind this vision.  We are going to begin to pray more, we are going to talk more about new places.  We will start making plans so that we can send our best people to new places.  Church planting isn’t just about those who go, it is about us all stepping up.  When you send your best givers, servers and leaders, you do it in faith that others will rise up to fill the gap.  So whether you go or not, we need everyone to be involved.  We all need to consider which part / voice is winning in your life…the defensive and parochial part or the vision and faith part?  
Let our best parts make the proper plans and the right choices – so that in 2020, we will all celebrate together the new things that God has done with us,

With love,

Download the latest connect magazine here: Connect February 2016

Chris Doney, 20/03/2016

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