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Craig's Blog: 3 Weeks in


It’s funny how changes in life change us sometimes. You go from one minute having your whole life organised by a small black and silver laptop which constrains your ability to serve people as you might like, and yet gives the comfort of having your life organised by someone else. 

Coming into church employment then, is a real awakening to the comfort and security that was present in my previous employment. Now I am faced with the prospect of organising my time and priorities on a personal level week by week, day by day.

With a new requirement to manage my time comes a new opportunity to get in the things that I believe God has called me to be doing. This past few weeks (22 days in at this point) I’ve managed to meet up with some of the church family on a one to one basis which has been a great opportunity to share how things are going personally, on both sides.  It’s great how much of an encouragement spending an hour with someone can bring, on both sides of the room, from stories about going to see Billy Graham fifty or so years ago, as well as the opportunity to pray for healing for a busted joint. Valuable, in all senses of the word.

Working in the office alongside Ben has been an invaluable experience.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is steadily sharing that with me day by day. Along with the church activities, we are working through a book on eldership together (recommended by Guy Miller), asking each other the difficult discipleship questions that enable us to grow and mature in faith as well as in Eldership. This has been instrumental in helping us to work out strengths and weaknesses and how I will manage each of those in the coming years.

It is so important that as Christians, we don’t rest on our laurels, content with our character as it is.  God is in the business of changing hearts and minds and if I’m not pursuing that, I know my character will never grow and I will slip back into worldly habits and attitudes. 

We are all called to discipleship, to iron sharpening iron and to the continued discovery of God’s grace and who He says we are.  We are not yet the finished article, so we push ahead together seeking to discover the plan that God has for our lives and making use of all those people and opportunities God gives to make us more like Him. 


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