Covid-19 Coronavirus Guidance

As I communicated last week, as elders and trustees we have been closely monitoring the situation with Covid-19 (Cornavirus) and in line with government advice we are taking various measures to ensure that people are kept as safe as possible.

We want to work from two key principles:

1. We TRUST GOD. He is in charge. We don’t need to fear (“do not fear” is the most common command in the bible as we worship the One who is in charge of all things). We don’t need to panic or to scaremonger. 

2. We make WISE decisions.

With this in mind, our Sunday service will go ahead.

This decision is in line with current government guidance and instruction.
We will of course inform you if for whatever reason this advice changes. 
We are taking the following steps to ensure the safety of those that attend:

• Everyone please wash your hands upon arrival

• Having hand gel for you to regularly use

• Please be friendly, but we recommend no physical contact with others. Greet people with a warm smile rather than a hug or handshake.

• Wiping equipment as appropriate e.g. surfaces, handheld microphones etc.

Outside of our meetings please do check in with elderly or sick neighbours. This is a great opportunity to show the love of God in practical ways.

• You have a persistent cough or high temperature – please stay away from church meetings and self-isolate in line with government recommendations

• You are already in a period of self or imposed isolation 

• If you have underlying health issues please consider the wisdom of coming out

If you are on a serving team and you can’t attend please let your team leader know as soon as possible.


• For those affected by the virus

• For wisdom for those in authority – it can’t be easy, they need the prayers of God’s people

• For protection, especially for the elderly and those already sick

• For this to be a turning point in our nation of people turning to God

• For us to be good neighbours

• For us as a church to respond in faith and not fear

As it is, I am sadly missing the Alpha away day today and won’t be around tomorrow due to having had a cough since Wednesday. I’m not worried and I think it’s unlikely I have anything particularly nasty other than a mild case of man-flu! However I am making sure to follow the advice given by the NHS for the sake of others in the church. I ask that we all take appropriate precautions for the sake of one another. Remember Philippians 2:4 which reminds us to not look only to our own interests, but instead to look to those of others. Let us all be wise in considering our brothers and sisters.

Please do check your email and social media for any further updates.
Let’s trust God and take wise precautions!

With love


This was adapted from Grace Church Salisbury’s social media post.

Published: 03.14.2020