Early isolation

With all the coronavirus panic buying going on and the culture of fear that has developed in our nation; more than ever it is so important that the community and family values of BFC are in our thinking. 

We have good news to share with this community and the surrounding villages and hamlets, that of Jesus Christ and the salvation and new birth that knowing Him brings. But we mustn’t forget all aspects of the call of the gospel, yes to share the message but also to not forget the vulnerable in our community. The apostles in the Jerusalem church asked Paul:

“They asked only that we would remember the poor, which I had made every effort to do.” Galatians 2:10 CSB

At the moment there are people in our village in fear of what the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak could mean for them. Whether it’s the potential of being isolated for months on end; being unable to get household goods for themselves and having to rely on others; even having the children at home for longer than the two weeks of the Easter break! All these things mean that in a community that is spiritually needy, there is more need than ever for people of the gospel to step up and demonstrate God’s love as exemplified in the gospel. When we bring practical support to the poor (both spiritually and practically – the orphans and widows were the neediest in Paul’s day) we bring a Kingdom encounter to each person. 

So, let us be each considering how we can help those around us. BFC is a family community and we are known for the good work we do in the community. During this season, let’s each be considering how we can serve those who might be isolated, walking their dogs, bringing them groceries to leave on their doorsteps. It might be that you fall ill, so serve people by not going out and spreading! It might be that you encounter a friend who is fearful, as a believer you can share with them the peace that you possess through your relationship with God the Father, through the Son and by the Spirit. 

The bible’s most repeated command is ‘do not fear.’ Let us be a people who hear the Word, and put it into action! Let’s serve our community in faith, in action and in prayer.

With love


Published: 03.16.2020