From next Sunday we are going to be starting our new Sermon Series, based on the book of Judges, ‘Where mercy triumphs over judgement’.

This book does not have easy answers. We are going to have to work hard and dig a bit deeper, to uncover the treasures it contains. There are things in it that our modern sensibilities often struggle with. It is violent, many of the people in it and the things they do are frankly odd, often wrong and we can wonder why they are in the Bible at all. Yet as we wrestle with it, we will find that it is a colourful and dramatic book that reveals much about who God is and what He is like.

Most of all Judges is a book that shows the amazing mercy of God. He rightly and justly judges the people of Israel for their sin and rebellion. Yet at the same time He raises up men and women, called Judges, who instead of bringing God’s judgement, are actually used by God to rescue them from their oppressors and enemies. This despite the fact that they don’t seem even a little bit sorry for what they have done. Hence our sermon title, taken from the book of James, ‘Where mercy triumphs over judgement’.

I am looking forward to what God has to say to us as a church and what he is going to do through us as we respond to faith to all He has to say to us in this amazing book.


Published: 09.22.2019