Lockdown Prayer Walk

During lockdown 2.0 many of us have much greater freedom than we had in lockdown 1.0. This time around we are allowed to meet with one person from another household for socially distant exercise, and whilst thinking about this as a staff team, we thought it was a great opportunity to combine some physical exercise with some spiritual exercise too!

So I’d like to encourage everyone to get out with your family, with a friend from the church family or just on your own to walk or run around this prayer route and cover our village in prayer! Please ensure you are following all social distancing measures during your exercise!

The route is listed below. On the picture there are some dots these are points where you can stop and there are prayer suggestions for each stop.

Please start opposite the primary school and walk up the alley towards St Mary’s Church.

Prayer Stop 1:

Cleveland Green on the way to St Marys to pray for our village.

Prayer Stop 2:

Outside St Mary’s to pray for all the other churches in the village

Prayer Stop 3:

By the War Memorial, pray for the community and all the support groups that are working around it.

Prayer Stop 4:

On the High Street, walking past the shops to pray for all the businesses in the village.

Prayer Stop 5:

By the community centre, to pray for our church family.

Prayer Stop 6:

Outside Osmund court to pray for the people living and working there.

Prayer Stop 7:

By Longfield Manor, to pray for the people who are living and working there.

Prayer Stop 8:

Outside the fire station, to pray for all the key workers.

Prayer Stop 9:

Outside the URC, to pray for families that are struggling in the current situation.

Prayer Stop 10:

Outside the primary school, to pray for all school children.

Prayer Stop 11:

End in station road gardens to pray and chat if you walked with someone and admire the beauty of this time of year!

Here’s the map of the route!

Published: 11.18.2020