Heading to elections

In theory, every five years we head to the polling station to vote for who is going to be our representative in the UK parliament, this then helps decide which political party is going to take on leadership, who will become the prime minister and then what priorities we are going to make as a […]

Published: 12/11/2019

A pause for thought… Appearing before royalty

A new blog post from Julian… Last Sunday God gave me a picture.  To be honest it kind of shook me to the core, and in away I felt embarrassed.  It actually made me think about my last few Sundays at Church. Had God actually been pleased with my offering of worship? Imagine you receive […]

Published: 11/01/2019

From Abraham to Joshua

On 6th October, I preached our second introduction sermon to the book of Judges that we are studying over the next six months. As part of that sermon I gave a brief rundown of the history of the nation of Israel up until the start of the book of Judges; and it was commented on […]

Published: 10/14/2019


From next Sunday we are going to be starting our new Sermon Series, based on the book of Judges, ‘Where mercy triumphs over judgement’. This book does not have easy answers. We are going to have to work hard and dig a bit deeper, to uncover the treasures it contains. There are things in it […]

Published: 09/22/2019

New Website!

It is an important day for BFC because we’re launching our new website! It will still be on www.billingshurstfamily.church and there are a few tweaks that’ll be done over the next couple of weeks so be sure to check it out regularly!   The role of the new website is to advertise BFC to potential visitors […]

Published: 09/13/2019