What’s so good about Good Friday?

This is the short message I shared on Good Friday 2022… Craig Gale Although it is a day of sadness at the death of the innocent Jesus, Good Friday is a good day for those who believe in Him. On Good Friday, Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God, He deals with our guilt from […]

Published: 04/16/2022

On the matter of obedience…

Hi, my name’s Craig and I’m working on my Disney addiction. I grew up a child of one of the greatest eras that animated movies ever knew. A time when films were new and ideas weren’t regurgitated remakes of classics, made to appear like real-life situations, with CGI beasts, lions, and elephants. My house was […]

Published: 05/25/2021

Walking in Forgiveness

Everything we have ever done wrong, everything we are getting wrong this very moment, and everything that we will ever do wrong, is forgiven us when we turn to Jesus and declare Him Lord. God’s forgiveness is an amazing grace gift to us! Walking in forgiveness is choosing to accept this truth, and to live […]

Published: 12/10/2020

Lockdown Prayer Walk

During lockdown 2.0 many of us have much greater freedom than we had in lockdown 1.0. This time around we are allowed to meet with one person from another household for socially distant exercise, and whilst thinking about this as a staff team, we thought it was a great opportunity to combine some physical exercise […]

Published: 11/18/2020

Racial injustice…

We don’t seek to respond to every cultural crisis that raises its head, instead we preach the gospel faithfully and seek to contextualise it as best we can. Sometimes though, a crisis comes to our attention through broader media coverage that is not only good for us to respond to, in fact it is necessary, […]

Published: 06/05/2020

God our deliverer…

I wanted to share a story of how in times of trouble we can call upon the Lord and rely on him. I was born in South Africa and before we moved to the UK I went to a christian school started by a Pastor. A number of years ago there was a general strike across […]

Published: 05/29/2020

The importance of meeting together even if it is online!

“Let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out, not avoiding worshiping together as some do but spurring each other on, especially as we see the big Day approaching.” Hebrews 10: 24-25 The Message The move online I was fascinated how, when churches decided we could not meet together physically, and […]

Published: 04/28/2020

Thoughts on prayer – Dan Gatland

In the pre coronavirus world, I attended a younger leaders’ weekend. At the conference Guy Miller spoke to us about prayer. So, I thought in this time of having both lots of need and opportunity for prayer, I would share my notes from that talk, I found them really helpful and hopefully you will too.  […]

Published: 04/02/2020

I’m not in control anymore. Can I trust the one who is?

Probably like a lot of people, I thought life was going ok. Things to improve here and there, but I felt mostly positive, like I was in control. Until now, we have been relatively safe in our seemingly unreachable island, where other pandemic causing diseases have mostly kept their distance. Generally we are safe from […]

Published: 03/21/2020

Early isolation

With all the coronavirus panic buying going on and the culture of fear that has developed in our nation; more than ever it is so important that the community and family values of BFC are in our thinking.  We have good news to share with this community and the surrounding villages and hamlets, that of […]

Published: 03/16/2020